The future of fashion workflow

Revolufashion is an on line platform that provides 2D patterns, 3D real to life prototypes, PLM datasheets, autonestings and production information.
Manage all your design process and just download all the data to put your collections into the market in just 2 weeks.
It’s faster, easier and cheaper than every method ever known.

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Introducing the Workflow Revolution

Your Collection and its data

Easily download the real to life 3D fitting render of your collections and all its data, avoiding the design and prototyping phase!
Just provide your sketches and ideas and Revolufashion will do all the work for you.

2D pattern

Download the 2D pattern project of your collections simply by inserting the sketch, size and fitting!

3D real to life render

Get the real to life photorealistic 3D garments and completely avoid the long and expansive prototype activities

PLM + Artificial Intelligent Nesting

Download the datasheet or the nesting of your collections including the BOM, RFQ and all the information for the mass production

Earn from your creativity

Sell your designs and project in Revolufashion marketplace and earn every time someone download them

Reduce production costs

No more searching and buying fabrics, accessories and tools, no more sewers, no more professional for cutting and ironing the prototype.

Save the environment

All the industrial activities as well as all the waste of material would be avoided thanks to digital 3D technology

Time to market in two weeks

Using Revolufashion you’ll be able to put your collections in the market in only 2 weeks rather than the average 8-10 weeks in the current process.

Easy visual communication

No more misunderstandings between style and pattern areas thanks to the immediate visual result of the 3D prototype.

Revolufashion background

We are a group of professionals with more than 30 years of experience in the Fashion system. Our values reside in the respect for the environment, lean production, smart workflow and enhancement of the personal skills. We wanted to create a project that merge these values with the fashion system production flow, that we perfectly know.